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Use this form to register for any course listed on my website at (except any marked "Full") or to schedule a course on any date identified as "Open" on my website.

Family members mature enough to understand the course content and follow instructions are welcome and encouraged to attend any course (including the concealed firearms course) at no charge if there is room and if they are not seeking certification.

Feel free to bring your own handgun and ammo. If you don't have a gun to train with, I have several different brands and models you may shoot at no extra charge. If you don't already have one, I suggest you do not buy a gun until after the training -- we'll talk about things to consider when buying a gun. Utah does not require you to qualify with the specific firearm you will carry.

I encourage you to bring a lunch when attending a course that intrudes on your normal mealtime.

Classroom training is usually held in my home at 714 South 1175 West, Cedar City, Utah. When that is complete, live-fire training is conducted at the Iron County Shooting Range.

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