Nay/McNee Clan Internet Services Registration Form

Please note: Although it is unlikely that you will experience problems responding to this form, some non-standard browsers will not respond properly. If you experience any difficulties (or if you are not using a forms-capable browser), you may email your response to this form to:

Certain internet services are open to anyone who's birth, adopted, or married surname is Nay or McNee (My own family history shows that my family name was changed from McNee to Nay a few generations back) or who can document direct descent from a Nay or McNee. These services include:

1 - A lifetime personal email address at (ie or (ie with automatic forwarding to your existing email account at your favorite Internet service provider (ISP). We all change jobs, residences or outgrow our ISPs. Don't let these changes cause you to have an identity crisis - just get a or email address! It's yours for life -- give it out once to your "inner circle" and then whenever you get a new email address you only need to notify us -- not everybody who needs to contact you. This service delivers mail sent to or to any email account regardless of how often you change providers or which provider you choose. You will continue to retrieve and answer your email exactly the same as you do now except you will be able to give out your or email address.

2 - If you want a personal or professional web site presence at or -- not just a web site with somebody else's name, this is the place! I do not host websites. However, I can forward Internet browsers from your or URL directly to the URL address of your existing personal or professional web site at your present ISP. It works just like the email forwarding service. You then will be able to publish your web site name as "" or "" where "myname" is your personal web page name. Your website URL will use the same screen name as your email address. Because our family name will be associated with your web page, it will be accepted only if it meets my standards for honesty, decency, and appropriateness. Click here for our Terms of Service.

Remember, there will be no change to your present internet service (email and website hosting). I am merely providing a forwarding service so that you can have a or address for your email and website.

If you change ISPs for either your email or for hosting your website you must remember to keep me up to date on the email address you want your or address forwarded to. Otherwise, your mail won't get there! To make such a change, click here.

Although I do not charge for these services, I welcome donations. To donate, please click on the PayPal button at the bottom of this page.

All personal information you provide below will be kept confidential. It will be used only to establish and maintain your account. Click here for our Privacy Notice.

To begin your internet presence, please enter the following information, then select whether you want a or address.

Note: Recently, people with and email accounts say that their email does not get forwarded from their email address. Apparently, Microsoft has made changes to and which interferes with third-party forwarding services. Email going to accounts also seems to be a problem. The company that provides this forwarding service for me says they are trying to work with Microsoft and Yahoo on this problem. I suggest you send a couple of emails to yourself at your new email address to test it before you rely on it's compatibility with If this problem affects you, I suggest you get a free email address. Gmail works very well with the forwarding service.

First Name:
Last Name:
Street Address (line 1):
Street Address (line 2):
City: State: Zip Code:
Mother's maiden name (this will be your password):

Now, please enter your present email address (ie This will be the address to which you want me to forward all email addressed to your email address.

Present email address:

Next, if you presently have your own personal or professional website, please enter your present homepage URL (ie http://www.three-peaks/index.htm). This will be the webpage URL to which your website visitors will be redirected when they enter your webpage URL.

Present website URL:

This forwarding service is automated and instantaneous. However, setting up you forwarding service isn't. Please tell me what name you want to use for your email address and your website URL. You may give five choices for your desired email address screen name. (For example, I chose my given name, Blaine, to be my screen name. Therefore, depending on which domain I chose below, my email address could be or You may use any non-offensive combination of letters, numbers, and some punctuation marks ( . - _ ). Spaces in your email address are not allowed.

Desired alias (Enter 5 preferences in case your first choice is already taken) You have a choice of having your new email address and your website URL at any of the domains below. Please select which domain you want to use for your email and website domain.

Example: blaine @

First Choice:

Second Choice:

Third Choice:

Fourth Choice:

Fifth Choice:
@ (hoplophile = lover of tools (ie gun nut)) (restricted to members of American Legion, Utah Post 74) (restricted to members of American Legion, Utah Post 74)

If you have a personal or business website, your screen name will be set up not only as your email address, but also as your website URL where your screen name becomes a subdomain instead of "www" (ie or

If you are applying for an email address with the names Nay, McNee, or Gotchy, please tell me how you are related to the Nay, McNee or Gotchy families (a brief summary of your family tree as you know it):

Other comments or questions:

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