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Utah Beekeepers' Association

Since 1892 as Currently Organized, but Serving and Representing Utah's Beekeepers Since the Early 1860's

Report a Honey Bee Swarm

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Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Utah Beekeeper License Application

Laws and Regulations Related to Beekeeping in Utah

County Bee Inspectors

Utah Extension: Bees and Other Pollinators

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Bee Packages and Queens for Sale

9 Tips When Selecting Honeybees Bee Races (Bush Farms)
Bee Types Characteristics of Races of Honeybees
Comparison of Russian and Italian Honey Bees Honey Bee Races
Races of Honey Bees Races of Honey Bees in North America (Mann Lake)
Russians vs Italians Types of Honey Bees
Types of Honey Bees  
Utah Sources
3 Bee Honey (Orem, Utah) ABeez Honey (Payson, Utah)
Bear Country Bees (Salem, Utah) Cache Valley Bee Supply (Hyrum, Utah)
CAL Ranch (Multiple Locations, Utah) Deseret Hive Supply (Ogden, Utah)
Hansen Hives & Honey (Salt Lake City, Utah) Harvest Lane Honey (Tooele, Utah)
IFA (Multiple Locations, Utah) Jones Bee Company (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Knight Family Honey (Orem, Utah) Muddy Bees (Hurricane, Utah)
Nay Apiaries (Cedar City, Utah) Redstone Queen Bees (Kanab, Utah)
Taylor Honey Company (Santa Clara, Utah) The Honey Company (North Provo, Utah)
Global Sources
Bostic Hills Farm (Alabama) B Weaver Apiaries (Texas)
Cold Country Queens (New York) Draper Bee Apiaries (Pennsylvania)
Ferguson Apiaries (Ontario) Glenn Apiaries Minnesota Hygienic Queens (California)
Jester Bee Company (Arkansas) Koehnen & Sons (California)
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms (Illinois) Mike's Bees (Ohio)
Old Sol Apiaries (Oregon)  Olivarez Honey Bees (California, Hawaii)
Pendell Apiaries (California) Queen Breeders Map
Richland Honey Bees (Virginia) Rossman Apiaries (Georgia)
R. Weaver Apiaries (Texas) Stephen Coy Russians (Mississippi)
Strachan Apiaries (California) Walter T Kelly (Kentucky)
Wildflower Meadows (California) Wolf Creek Apiaries (Tennessee)
Wooten's Golden Queens (California) Zia Queen Bee Company (New Mexico)
Z's Bees (California) Other Vendors
If you want to make your contact information available to the public so that you can be notified of swarms, please register at www.honeybeeswarmremoval.com and/or www.swarmpatrol.com.

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