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Utah Beekeepers' Association

Since 1892 as Currently Organized, but Serving and Representing Utah's Beekeepers Since the Early 1860's

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Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Utah Beekeeper License Application

Laws and Regulations Related to Beekeeping in Utah

County Bee Inspectors

Utah Extension: Bees and Other Pollinators

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Free Beekeeping Videos on the Internet

70 Lessons on Beekeeping from Long Lane Honey Farm African Honey Bee: Public Enemy #1
A Visit to a Honey Bee Field Research Facility Basic Beekeeping Course
Bee Biology Brief history of the African Bee in America
  Beekeeper's Corner Videos
Bee School 2013 (Knox Lincoln County Beekeepers) Brushy Mountain Bee Video Library
Catching a Swarm Colony Collapse Disorder
Crush and Strain Honey Harvest Electronic BeeSpace
European and American Foulbrood in Honey Bee Colonies: Part 1 European and American Foulbrood in Honey Bee Colonies: Part 2
Fat Bee Man Feeder Types
Golden Rule Honey Videos Hive Hand-Hold Jig
Hive Health Diagnostics Hive Inspection with Ashley Mortensen at the UF Bee Biology Unit
Honey Bee Genetic Diversity Honey Bee Health Summit Videos
Honey Bee Honey  
Honey Bees - Life Cycle Honey Extraction
Honey Extraction How to Install a Package of Bees
How to Install a Package of Bees How to Use the Wax Tube Fastener
Kim and Jim Show Jim Tew's Web-Based Introductory Beekeeping Class
Life Cycle of the Honey Bee and Varroa Mite Life Cycle of Honey Bee and Varroa Mite
Life Cycle of the Honey Bee - Metamorphosis Looking for Honey Bee Queens
Making Chunk Honey Michael Bush Seminar
Michael Bush Videos Norfolk Honey Company
Northern VA Sustainable Bee Project Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Assn Videos
Nosema Symptoms in Honey Bee Colonies Ohio State Univ Bee Lab Webinars
Package Bees During Shipment Parasitic Mites and Honey Bees
Pesticides in and Around the Hive Ploughshare Beekeeping Courses
Preparing Honey and Wax for Competition Prince William Regional Beekeepers' Assn Videos
Silence of the Bees (Nova) Slow Motion Honey Bee
Small Hive Beetle Solar Wax Melter
Solar Wax Melters Stinging Characteristics of the African Honey Bee
Sustainable Beekeeping by Mike Palmer Sustainable Honeybee Program
  The Plight of the Bumble Bee
Top Bar Hive Inspection Tracheal Mite Symptoms
Trailer-Mounted Apiary Trailer-Mounted Apiary
Trailer-Mounted Apiary Uncapping a Frame of Honey with Cold Capping Knife
Uncapping a Frame of Honey with a Hot Capping Knife Uncapping a Frame of Honey with an Uncapping Fork
University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada University of Minnesota
Varroa Mite History, Distribution, and Biology Varroa Best Management Practices
Varroa Check with Alcohol Wash and a Sugar Roll Varroa Check with Powder Sugar
Wax Moth Damage Where does Honey Come From?
Why are Honey Bees Important? Working Beeswax With Dee and Ed Lusby

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