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Since 1892 as Currently Organized, but Serving and Representing Utah's Beekeepers Since the Early 1860's

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Laws and Regulations Related to Beekeeping in Utah

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General Beekeeping Links

1000 Web Links 10 Ways to Remove a Bee Singer
4-H and Bees AgNic Beekeeping
Alaska Honeybee Home Page American Bee Journal
Anarchy Apiaries A Personalized Resource Guide on Beekeeping
Apiary Grants - USA Apiary Map
Apiculture in Arkansas  
Apiculture in British Columbia Apiculture Internet Archive
Apiservices Apis Information Resource Center
Apis Newsletter Apis-UK - The Electronic Beekeeper's Newsletter
Associations Back Yard Hive
Bad Beekeeping Blog Bad Beekeeping Web Links
Barefoot Beekeeper Barry Birkey's BeeSource Site
Basic Beekeeping Blog Bee Base
Bee Biology Lab (Utah State University) BeeCause
Bee Culture Blog Bee Culture Magazine
Bee Culture Magazine Archives Bee Drawings
Bee-Friendly Business Bee Health
Beeho: World Beekeeping Directory Bee Informed
Beekeeper's Corner Beekeeping Books
Beekeeping Equipment Beekeeping in Older Times
Beekeeping Organizations Beekeeping Quotes
Beekeeping Skills on YouTube Beekeeping Through History
Beekeeping Tools Beekeeping Database Net Resources (BeeData)
Beekeeping History Beekeeping in New Zealand
Beekeeping in the Digital Age Beekeeping (Purdue University)
Beekeeping Terminology Beekeeping Terms
Bee Lab (Minnesota) Bee Lab (Weslaco)
Bee-L List Bee Lore
BeeMaster Forum Bee Natural Guy
Bee Pheromones Bee Research Center (Tucson)
Bee Research Laboratory (Beltsville) Bees & Beekeeping Sources of Information and Equipment
Bees Abroad UK Limited Bees Drink with Expandable Mop Tongues
Bees for Sale Bees in the Classroom
Bees on the Net BeeSource
Bee Squad, University of Minnesota Bee Lab  
Bee Thinking Bee Varieties
Biology of the Colony BK Corner
Brother Adam and the Honey Bee Buzz About Bees
Caribbean Bee College Carl Hayden Bee Research Center
Catch the Buzz Catch the Buzz Archives
Center for Honeybee Research Chemistry of Honey
City Bees Blog Clubs
Collections of Bee Literature Colleges With Beekeeping Programs
Colony Collapse Colony Strength Evaluation Online Class
CompleteBee Cornell's Hive and the Honey Bee Library Collection
CyberBee Dave Cushman's Beekeeping and Bee Breeding
Diseases DMOZ: Beekeeping
Domesticated vs Feral Bees Draper BeeCam
DriftWatch Dyce Laboratory for Honey Bee Research
eBooks on Beekeeping Electric Heating of Honey Bee Hives
Everett F. Phillips' Beekeeping Collection Extracting Room Cleanup
Extractors Facts about Honeybees
Famous Beekeepers Fat Bee Man
Fat Bee, Skinny Bee Federal and State Bee Laws and Regulations
Flowering Plants Flowers and Bees
Forage Species in the State of Utah Free-Bee Information, University of Minnesota
Free Resource Guide to Keeping Bees Friends of the Bees
Fun Facts about Honey Bees, Hives and Honey Gaia Bees
Gleanings in Bee Culture Magazine Global Beekeeping Calendar
Glossary of Beekeeping GoBeekeeping
GoogleBee Grants for Bee Keepers
Grants for Beekeeping Grants for Beginning Beekeepers
Guide to Beekeeping for Adults and Kids Guide to Bees and Honey
Handbook for Natural Beekeepers Heated Hives over Winter
Helping Agriculture’s Helpful Honey Bees History of Beekeeping
History of Beekeeping History of Beekeeping in the United States
Hive Inspection Sheet Hive Inspection Sheet
Hive Inspection Sheet (Art of Beekeeping) Hive Inspection Sheet (Eastern Missouri Beekeepers)
Hive Inspection Sheet (IronBeekeeper) Hive Inspection Sheet (Kissimmee Valley Beekeepers)
Hive Inspection Sheet (Prince William Regional Beekeepers) Hive Inspection Sheet (Puget Sound Beekeepers)
Hive Inspection Sheet (Russell Levine) HiveTool - Tools for the Beekeeper
Hive Tracks Hobbyist Beekeeping Adventures
Honey Bee Health Coalition Hogan Bee Trap
Honey Bee Facts Honey Bee Breeding, Genetics, & Physiology (USDA, ARS)
Honey Facts Honeybee News & Info
Honey Bee Suite Honeybee World
Honey Composition and Properties Honey Labeling
How to Become A Beekeeper How to Start Beekeeping for Free
Hunt Lab's Bee Hive Hymenopterous Insect Stings
Indiana Beekeeping School Introduction to Bee Biology
Jennifer Berry Bees Jim Tew's Comments and Web Files
John's Beekeeping Handbook Keeping Records
Kirk Webster Larry Connor: Articles and Videos
Life of the Honeybee Logan Utah Bee Lab 
Master Beekeeper Programs  Melitto Files 
Mid-Atlantic Apiculture: Beekeeping Information Index Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium
Mid-Atlantic Beekeeping Mites
National Bee Keeping Training and Extension Manual Natural Beekeeping Trust
Nephi Ephraim Miller: Utah's Pioneer in the Modern Practice of Migratory Beekeeping New Jersey Bee Spill Plan
North Carolina State University Apiculture Program Ol' Buffalo Beekeeping Page
Oliver B Huntington and His Bees in Utah Out-of-Print Books on Beekeeping
Package Bees for Sale Papers by Larry Connor
Peace Bee Farm Blog Pests
Phil Craft Hive Craft Podcasts
Pollination Project Apis
Preparing for Winter Propolis
Project Apis m. Queens for Sale
Queen Rearing Queen Rearing by Michael Bush
Queen Rearing Calendar Quotes
Real or Fake Honey? How to Tell the Difference  
Record-Keeping Reinheimer's Beekeeping Links
Rocky Mountain Survivor Queen Bee Coop Ron Miksha Beekeeping Homepage
Rose Hive Method Sample Pollination Agreement
SaveTheHives Scientific Beekeeping
Small Scale Beekeeping (Peace Corps) South Florida Bee College
Spring Startup Start Beekeeping Today
Starting a Small Beekeeping Operation State Apiarist Directory
Suburban Beekeeper Swarming
Swarm Patrol Talking With Bees
The Hive & The Honeybee Thermology of Wintering Honey Bee Colonies
Understanding Bee Anatomy Universities With Beekeeping Programs
University of Berkeley Urban Bee Garden University of Florida Bee College
University of Hawaii Honey Bee Project University of North Carolina Beekeeping
University of Tennessee Bees and Beekeeping Unwanted Honey Bee Colonies
Urban Farm And Beehives Utah Area Honey
Utah Beekeeping and Honey Laws and Rules Utah Beekeeping Laws
Utah Beekeeping Laws Utah State University Bee Info
Virtual Beekeeping Gallery Western Region Sustainable Agriculture Research Education Grants
What Everyone Needs to Know About Bee Stings What’s the Buzz on Bees?
White House Bee Hive Wild Attitude! Beekeeping Information

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