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Patrol Box Inventory

In my work as a Boy Scout leader, I learned by hard experience and by contact with other Scout leaders that having the right equipment makes camping even more enjoyable. In my troops, we settled the following cooking equipment for camping close to the vehicle:

  • Each patrol has a heavy duty 9x9x15 inch plastic tool box (strong enough to sit on).

  • Each patrol has a "patrol box" with frequently used cooking equipment and supplies. Links to "patrol box" plans can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • The troop also had one troop box with additional supplies and less frequently used equipment.

I suggest printing a checklist for each box. Laminate each list and mount it on the lid of each box.

Here are the contents I put in each box:

Patrol Tool Box

  • 1 whisk

  • 1 can opener

  • 1 grater

  • 1 potato peeler

  • 1 spatula

  • 1 serving spoon

  • 1 serving fork

  • 1 ladle

  • 1 salt shaker

  • 1 pepper shaker

  • 1 bottle cinnamon

  • 1 bottle onion powder

  • 1 bottle chili powder

  • 1 bottle seasoning salt

  • 1 bottle water purification tablets

  • 1 pkg fire starters in zip-loc (emergency use only)

  • 1 zip-loc with wood strike-anywhere matches)

  • 1 four-inch natural bristle paint brush (natural bristles don't melt when brushing ashes from dutch ovens)

  • 1 candle lantern

  • 6 lantern candles in zip-loc

  • 6 ScotchBrite scrubbing pads in zip-loc

  • 1 measuring cup set

  • 1 dutch oven pliers

  • 1 charcoal tongs (aka salad tongs)

  • 1 pair leather gloves (for cooking only)

  • 2 pkg dental floss in zip-loc

  • 1 apron

Patrol Box (some items vary with planned menus, some may need refrigeration between campouts)

  • 1 sm bottle dish soap

  • 1 sm bottle cooking oil

  • 1 bottle squeeze margarine (more hygienic, and on cold mornings, you can thaw it in a pot of water)

  • 1 coffee pot or 1-gallon can

  • 1 roll aluminum heavy duty foil

  • 5 lg trash bags

  • 1 sm camp shovel

  • 1 roll paper towels

  • 1 sm bottle pancake syrup

  • 1 sm bottle mustard

  • 1 sm bottle catsup

  • 1 one-liter bottle juice powder

  • 1 one-liter bottle hot chocolate powder

  • 1 one-liter bottle powdered milk

  • 1 half-liter bottle sugar

  • 1 one-liter bottle biscuit mix

  • 1 pkg paper plates

  • 1 pkg paper bowls

  • 1 pkg paper "hot" cups

  • 1 pkg plastic spoons, forks, knives

  • 1 single-burner gas stove

  • 1 bottle fuel for stove

  • 1 metal charcoal starter

  • 1 grill

  • 1 twelve-inch dutch oven

  • 1 dutch oven lid stand

  • 1 twelve-inch cast aluminum frying pan

  • 1 ten-inch cast aluminum sauce pan

  • 1 ten-inch mixing bowl

  • 1 first aid kit

  • 1 metal mirror

  • 2 rolls toilet paper

  • 12 eight-foot lengths of 3/16" or 1/4" solid-braid nylon rope with ends fused

  • 1 dining fly

  • 1 plastic-coated table cloth

Troop Box (plastic "Action Packer")

  • 2 coffee pots or 1-gallon cans

  • 1 crescent wrench for propane bottle connections

  • 2 twelve-inch dutch ovens

  • 1 griddle

  • 1 small camp shovel

  • 1 hammer

  • 1 camp saw

  • 1 ax

  • 1 hatchet

  • 1 file

  • 1 sharpening stone

  • 1 dining fly

  • 1 plastic-coated table cloth

  • 3 sets of spare lantern mantles in zip-loc

  • 1 box 1-gallon zip-loc freezer bags

  • 1 box 1-quart zip-loc freezer bags

  • 1 box lg trash bags

  • 2 rolls toilet paper

  • 2 rolls paper towels

  • 1 first aid kit

  • 1 bottle aspirin or Tylenol

  • 1 bottle Pepto Bismol or Kaopectate

  • 6 spare flashlight batteries

  • 1 recording thermometer (to document how cold it was last night)

  • 1 Scout Handbook

  • 1 Scout Fieldbook

  • 1 Bible

  • 1 selection of merit badge booklets

  • 1 bird identification book

  • 1 mammal identification book

  • 1 reptile identification book

  • 1 tree identification book

  • 1 plant/flower identification book

  • 100 ft of 3/16" or 1/4" solid-braid nylon rope

  • 1 roll of bailing twine

  • 1 roll waxed string (for whipping rope, I get mine from Tandy Leather)

  • 12 spare tent pegs

  • 1 tent & pack repair kit (patches, seam sealer, spare poles, extra shock chord for tent poles, spare backpack pins with rings)

  • 1 threaded sewing awl (from Tandy Leather) for field repair of packs and tents

  • 1 roll duct tape

Additional Items outside boxes

  • 1 steel table for dutch oven cooking

  • 1 five-gallon plastic bucket full of charcoal (more bucketfuls if required by menus or length of campout)

  • 1 five-gallon water jug per patrol

  • 1 propane or gas lantern

  • 1 lantern stand

  • 1 two-burner stove

  • EmberLit Camp Stove or Little Dandy Wood Stove

  • fuel for lantern and stove (I use a 20-lb propane bottle for lantern and stove)

Note: All bottles are plastic. For safety, I don't allow glass. In addition, empty plastic bottles can be crushed to pack out -- glass cannot.

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