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Guns in School

An overlay map showing the extent of gun-free school zones (see 18 USC 922(q)) shows how the law places anyone carrying or transporting a gun at high risk of continually committing a federal felony. Yet, this prohibition does nothing to stop crime of any kind, especially in school zones. What the law does do is provide a safe work environment for criminals bent on harming school teachers and their students. This law has left millions of school employees and children defenseless.

Fortunately, Utah law allows persons who are trained in the safe handling of firearms and in the laws related to the use of deadly force and who pass a background check to obtain a permit to carry a concealed firearm. In Utah, this permit allows the carry of a concealed firearm within these gun-free school zones -- including the classroom. To me, common sense says the best and most cost-effective control on violent crime, whether at home, the workplace, school, or church, is the presence of law-abiding, trained citizens as provided by the Utah concealed firearm permit process. The cops invariably arrive just in time to do nothing more that conduct an investigation and hold a press conference.

Banning guns on the campuses of public schools and colleges will not keep guns off the campus. Criminals, by definition, do not obey the law -- even gun laws! If a disgruntled student or teacher chooses to shoot up the campus he or she does not care whether guns (or any other weapon) are banned or whether he or she has a concealed firearms permit.

Crimes and upset students are a behavior problem -- not a gun problem. Statistically, more crimes are averted or stopped by the mere presence of a gun than are committed by a gun -- even on college campuses. Statistically, per capita violent crime is highest in those cities and states that have banned guns. Guns are generally banned in all school zones nationwide, yet school shootings still happen. Why? Bad guys don't obey laws -- even gun laws! (Even in Great Britain and Australia, where handguns are completely banned, the criminals still manage to get them.) Imagine the difference if the bad guys knew that there was even a 1% chance of encountering a teacher or other adult trained in the use of a gun and carried it. Utah law allows for that added level of security.

Recent high profile murders in schools in Canada and the US prove that “gun-free school” laws are a delusional scheme to make hoplophobes feel good but do not deter criminal attackers. Instead they seem to lure psychopathic killers seeking to harm others, while minimizing the risk that they may encounter an armed victim. The Columbine shootings happened despite numerous state and federal laws being violated by the killers. In response, Colorado added more gun ban laws. The federal government then enacted “gun-free school” laws. Experience shows that they did no good. We should no longer tolerate any attempts to disarm law abiding citizens with silly schemes that criminals will never obey. Tragically, there will be school shootings again, but they will happen with, or without any gun laws anyone can think of. Disarming victims is not the solution!

I discourage engaging into a hostile environment or situation. However, the ability of a school employee to carry a firearm may mitigate such situations and will, at the very least, afford individual protection for the carriers themselves. If those carriers have control or responsibility over a classroom full of children, that same protection will tend to encompass those children as well. The weapon must be under the carrier's control at all times. It must be maintained quietly and discreetly.

I recommend that if an employee (armed or not) is in her classroom or other securable location and becomes aware of a violent situation that she immediately close and lock her classroom door after gathering all adjacent students into the classroom. This will be her and the students' shelter. If that employee has access to a firearm she should only engage the intruder if her classroom shelter is breeched.

In the wake of the nation's recent rash of school weapon incidents, a couple of concealed firearms instructors in Salt Lake have begun a policy of allowing school employees to attend their concealed firearms classes at no charge. Like them, I offer my Utah concealed firearm instruction at a discount to all school employees in Utah's Iron county as well as to college students over age 21 in Iron county.

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Self-Defense, Concealed Carry

In Washington, DC the response time for a 911 call measured 47 minutes. With that kind of delay you can see that it is very important for you to be able to survive on your own for those 47 minutes. -- www.themarksman.com/defense.html

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Which Sign Would Best Keep Bad Guys Out Of Your Home?
How About Keeping Your Child Safe At School?

If it's a good idea to advertise our schools as gun-free zones, how about YOUR home? Get your sicker here!

Support the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms!

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Right-To-Carry States, 2003. Click for larger image.

Armed Citizens Network

Concealed Carry Laws and You

Another major soapbox issue for me are the concealed carry laws now being passed by the majority of states. Thirty three states now have some form of "shall issue" CCW. This means that if you're qualified, not a criminal, and not crazy (well, within reason), the state must issue the permit. No politics allowed. It is my opinion that every shooter/gun owner should take the classes, do the background check and get their permit, even if you don't intend to carry! Ignore the paranoia about the background check and the finger prints! What is important is that we, the shooters let the Gov'ment know that we can't be cowed, intimidated or scared into giving up our Constitutional rights simply because they put artificial and moronic obstacles in the way. When half the shooters/gun owners in the country have CCW (by the statistics, that's 1/4 the population of the country!), our "crime problem" will vanish, and so will much of our other crime problem (Gov'ment) at the same time. Do your part -- go get your Concealed Carry Permit. -- Geoff Beneze (www.beast-enterprises.com)

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Polls and Concealed Carry

A 2004 Zogby Values Poll, surveying 1,200 voters nationwide on issues that included firearms and hunting issues examined differences in thinking between people living in the states that voted for George Bush in 2000 (Red states) and Al Gore (Blue states). The survey examined how Americans feel about Right-to-Carry laws, with the pollster asking: "Currently 36 states have laws that allow residents to qualify for a permit to carry a firearm to protect themselves if they pass a background check, if they participate in firearms training and pay a fee to cover administrative costs. Do you feel this is a good law or a bad law?" Voters overwhelming favor these self-protection laws by a margin of 79% to 18%. Right-to-Carry drew better than 70% support in every demographic group, with even non-gun owners indicating their backing by 73% to 23%.

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Make Congress read the bills they pass!

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For more books on firearms, search here:

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Spotting scope / tripod

Sandbags / shooting rest

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