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Elizabeth and bees

Iron County 4-H Beekeeping Club

The Iron County 4-H Beekeeping Club was formed in 2011. It generally meets on the second Friday of each month at 6 PM. For more information, contact the Iron County Extension Office at (435) 586-8132.

We welcome donation of disease-free bees and beekeeping equipment as well as funds which will be used to support youth projects.

Goals and objectives of the club include the advancement of beekeeping knowledge and skills among the youth in Iron County, Utah. Activities to achieve these goals include classroom learning and hands-on beekeeping.

In addition beekeeping skills, youth members will learn citizenship and good character. Since the club has elected youth leaders, the youth have opportunities to learn and demonstrate leadership skills.

Report on the most recent club meeting.

Club Facebook page.

Slides, videos, and handouts from past meetings.

Future club activities are found in the latest club meeting report (all times 6-9 PM).

Utah Beekeeping Forum, Utah State University

For more information on 4-H beekeeping opportunities, please contact the club manager / instructor or the Iron County Extension Office.

  • Utah 4-H Website
  • Utah 4-H Calendar
  • Utah 4-H Demonstrations Contest
  • Utah 4-H Public Speaking Contest
  • Iron County 4-H Website
  • Iron County 4-H Beekeeping Workbooks
  • 4-H Member Registration Form
  • 4-H Medical Release Form
  • 4-H Volunteer Application Packet
  • 4-H Volunteer Application
  • 4-H Officer's Notebook
  • 4-H Officer's Notebook Supplement: Secretary Minutes
  • 4-H Officer's Notebook Supplement: Secretary Roll Call
  • 4-H Officer's Notebook Supplement: Treasurer's Report
  • 4-H Pledge
  • 4-H Club Meeting Planner
  • 4-H Club Property Inventory Sheet
  • 4-H Club Enrollment Form (Fillable PDF)
  • 4-H Club Tax-Exempt Status
  • 4-H Club Tax-Filing Requirement
  • 4-H And Religion
  • 4-H Online Leader Training
  • Global Beekeeping Calendar

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  • Do You Have a Bee Swarm in Your Yard? Don't Spray It, Report It!

    Do you have a honey bee swarm in your yard? The Iron County 4-H Beekeeping Club can help you by safely removing the swarm at no charge to you. The swarm will help one of the youth in the 4-H beekeeping club with his or her project.

    In Iron County, Utah call the Iron County Extension Service at (435) 586-8132 or the club leader at (435) 590-7569. You can also go to Swarm Patrol and Honey Bee Swarm Removal or call your County Bee Inspector, your County Extension Service to find a beekeeper who will safely remove the swarm -- usually at no charge to you. In an emergency, call 911.

    We might also be able to remove an unwanted colony of honey bees that has become established in a hollow tree or in your home or other structure. If we need to open up your structure in any way, we'll need you to sign an agreement that clarifies the work we need to do. Since removal of honey bees from a structure often requires a lot of time and effort, there may be a charge for this service. Call us and we'll let you know how or if we can help.

    Simply killing the bees that are in your home or other structure does not eliminate the problem. Along with several pounds of dead and rotting bees remaining in your structure, you will still have considerable wax, honey, and brood in in the structure that will attract mice, ants, foul odor, and physical damage. See this video for a short warning on simply spraying bees that are in your home or other structure.

    Many people mistake honey bees with other similar insects such as wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. We can only help you with honey bees. If you aren't sure which insect you have check the image below or this more detailed explanation. If you still don't know, call. We'll help you identify the insect and what to do about it.

    Note: If you are a beekeeper and would like to be added to the swarm list, please register at Swarm Patrol and/or Honey Bee Swarm Removal.

    Host a Beehive

    Would you like to have a local beekeeper place one or more hives in your yard to pollinate your garden?

    Call the Iron County Extension Service at (435) 586-8132 or the Iron County 4-H beekeeping club leader at (435) 590-7569 and we will evaluate your site for suitability as a location for a beehive. If your site is suitable, we'll ask you to sign an agreement that clarifies your rights and ours.

    This free service is only for year-'round location in home gardens or on farms which don't rely on honey bee pollination for profitability (ie large fruit farms). We only site hives in eastern Iron County.

    Farms which need several hives for crop pollination typically pay a fee for pollination and want bees only during the blossoming period. This free service is not for them -- we don't want to compete against commercial beekeepers.

    4-H and Bees

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    4-H (New Jersey) Beekeeping Manual 4-H (New Jersey) Beekeeping Workbook
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    4-H (Utah) Beekeeping Project Fair Guidelines 4-H (Utah) Demonstration Guide
    4-H (Utah) Iron County Beekeeping Calendar-Syllabus 4-H (Utah) Iron County Beekeeping Manual
    4-H (Utah) Iron County Beekeeping Workbook 4-H (Virginia) Honey Bee Leader Guide Book I - Honey Bee Biology and Behavior
    4-H (Virginia) Honey Bee Youth Project Book I - Honey Bee Biology and Behavior 4-H (Virginia) Honey Bee Leader Guide Book II - Equipment of Beekeepers
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    Bee Diseases and Pests Beekeeper's Organizations
    Beekeeping Books Beekeeping Equipment
    Beekeeping Links Beekeeping Quotes
    Beekeeping Skills Beekeeping Skills on YouTube
    Beekeeping Wish List Bees and Queens for Sale
    Bees in the Classroom New Jersey 4H Beekeeping Club
    * Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping * The Hive and the Honey Bee
    * The New Starting Right With Bees Utah Beekeeping and Honey Laws and Rules

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    Slides, Videos, and Handouts from Past Meetings













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